Dezhou NCM Machinery Co., Ltd.
8223 Ranchview Dr.NW Calgary, Alberta Canada T3G1G6

Tel.: +1(587) 7197386

NCM group is a professional batch plant supplier in China. We know that providing reliable products is one of the best services a company can provide, allowing their client to complete their project on time with no problems. In order to do that, we provide a wide range of services to ensure that our construction machinery is high quality and functions at its top performance capabilities.

Our construction equipment comes with a life-time of service, and we provide operator training services for each product.

For construction equipment that needs to be installed and commissioned, we all send a professional technician to assist in technical guidance at no cost to you. All you are required to do is prepare the installation base if needed, and supply all needed equipment and assistants as needed. For our overseas clients however, travel costs should be covered by your company.
Attachment tools will be delivered along with construction machinery, and we can provide accessories and related shipment services upon request. Feel free to contact us for any needed technical support.