Dezhou NCM Machinery Co., Ltd.
8223 Ranchview Dr.NW Calgary, Alberta Canada T3G1G6

Tel.: +1(587) 7197386

Our Mission
As an experienced construction equipment manufacturer and supplier, we do our best to maximize operational uptime and cut your costs. We offer you the most reliable products and services, lowering your costs, and aim to offer our clients exactly what the need, when they need it.

Our policy
Integrity and conscientiousness is highly valued by each and every one of our employees. This ensures that every detail of our products, no matter how small, is handled according to our strict policies, which are included for your benefit.

We take full responsibility for each of our products in every effort involved, and we vow to promote the safety and health of all individuals involved with NCM. We also place a great deal of emphasis on the universal values while doing international business.