Dezhou NCM Machinery Co., Ltd.
8223 Ranchview Dr.NW Calgary, Alberta Canada T3G1G6

Tel.: +1(587) 7197386

As a highly respected batch plant manufacturer, we have earned the trust of many companies both in China and abroad. Their names are included in the attached pictures.

Our construction machinery is easily recognized by our loyal customers due to its excellent performance in any construction projects, whether it be for airports, hydropower stations, bridges, or expressways. NCM products are reliable and desired, and are always highly productive. Our building material processing equipment will greatly aid you in completing your project on time.

We offer special services for overseas customers, including practical training techniques and equipment maintenance services. We can also supply customized and efficient concrete and asphalt mixing station solutions. These services are offered easily with our rich history of providing building material equipment.

Here are just a few of our major clients.

  • Hangzhou-Ningbo High-speed Railway
  • Hangzhou-Ningbo High-speed Railway
  • Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway
  • Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway
  • Zuhai Brothers Brand Commercial Concrete
  • Qiantangjiang River Secondary Bridge