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    1. Stationary Concrete Batching PlantAs a well -known and respected concrete batching plant supplier in China, NCM Group can provide two different types of concrete batch plants: one model comes equipped with a bucket elevator feeding device, and the second comes equipped with a belt conveyor feeding unit.
    1. Mobile Concrete Batching PlantThe mobile concrete batching plant comes with tires and a draw bar. The trailer can run with the plant and all its accessories at speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour.
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    1. Foundation-Free Concrete Batching PlantOur foundation-free concrete batching plant can store 3 different kinds of aggregate simultaneously.
      Output capacity :0.75m³,1m³,1.5m³,2m³,3m³
      Aggregate diameter:60/80gravel/pebble stone, mm
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    1. Ready-Mix Concrete Batching PlantThis ready-mix concrete batching plant comes with a mature forced mixer with a twin shaft.
      You can use it for a variety of purposes, such as producing hard concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and sand slurry.
      Production capacity: 60m³/h,90m³/h,120m³/h,180m³/h,200m³/h,270m³/h,300m³/h
    1. Twin-Shaft Concrete MixerEach model has a multi-layer shaft-end sealing structure and streamlined mixing device, which ensures a reliable and efficient performance.
      Max. aggregate diameter (mm):Grave 60,Pebble 80
    1. Reversing Drum MixerThe reversing drum mixer comes with a twin-tapered drum. When the drum runs clockwise, the materials will be mixed.
      The discharge capacity of the reversing drum concrete mixer ranges from 350 to 500 liters, while the feeding capacity ranges from 560-800 liters.
    1. Planetary Concrete MixerThe planetary concrete mixer is suitable for rapid mixing of all kinds of high quality concrete products, such as hard concrete, semi-hard concrete, and plastic concrete.
      Discharge capacity:750L,1000L,1500L,2000L
      Feeding capacity:1200L,1600L,2400L,3200L
    1. Truck-Mounted Concrete PumpThe truck-mounted concrete pump is equipped with a Japanese Isuzu chassis and engine, and has a large cab for the operator.
      The maximum pumping output reaches up to 170 cubic meters per hour.
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    1. Trailer-Mounted Concrete PumpThe hydraulic system of this concrete pump trailer is equipped with an open circuit, which is suitable for using with the German Rexroth or Japanese Kawasaki motor pumps.
      Main oil pump displacement:190ml/r,260ml/r,190×2ml/r,190ml/r,190ml/r
      Hopper capacity: 0.7m³
  • Concrete Mixer TruckTwo control panels are available on the transit mixer. You can operate the sealing device of the feeding hopper and the discharge chute from either the cab, or the left-back side of the truck. The control system can set the mixing duration according to the barrel speed, and alert the operator to discharge the concrete when time is up.
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    1. Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant In order to reduce environmental pollution from our continuous asphalt batching plant, we use a two-stage dust removal system and a negative pressure dust-proof technology, which lowers the cost of using this equipment.
      Production capacity:30-40 t/h, 60-80 t/h
    1. Batch Asphalt Mixing PlantThe modular structure of the mixing section is completely concealed, making the appearance appealing.
      Production capacity:60 ~ 80 ton/h, 90 ~ 120 ton/h, 120 ~ 160 ton/h, 150 ~ 200 ton/h, 320 ton/h
      Mixing capacity: 1000kg/batch, 1500kg/batch,2000kg/batch,2500kg/batch
    1. Mobile Continuous Asphalt Mixing PlantOur mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant comes with an integrated mixing roller and drying roller, which lowers your investment.
      Production Capacity: 30-40ton/h
    1. Mobile Batch Asphalt Mixing PlantThe raw material transfer for the mobile batch asphalt mixing plant is achieved by a tilting belt with an inertia feeding method, which makes the entire conveying process steady and reliable.
      Production capacity:8ton/h, 15ton/h, 15-20ton/h, 15-20ton/h, 40ont/h
      Mixing capability: 400kg/batch, 500kg/batch, 400kg/batch, 1500kg/batch, 1800kg/batch
  • Stabilized Soil Mixing PlantThe stabilized soil mixing plant is mainly used in the construction of airports, ports and highways. It can continuously produce stabilized soil- which is the base material of any road.
    1. Screw ConveyorAs a medium-duty conveyor, the ES series screw conveyor is made from normal carbon steel, though other materials are available. The surface is covered in a fine finish and coated with a powder material.
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    1. Aggregate Batching MachineOur PL series aggregate batching machine can work with a mixer to form a concrete mixing plant. It is suitable for use in medium to large sized hydropower plants, construction sites, and concrete prefabrication plants.
      Productivity : 80m³/h, 120m³/h, 160m³/h
      Batching precision : ±2%
    1. Cement Bag BreakerThe bag breaker comes with a mechanical bag feeding mechanism and a gravity bag breaking device.
      Belt driving motor speed: 16rpm
      Productivity: 20T/h
    1. Pneumatic Cement ConveyorThe pneumatic conveyor is a combination of two tapered structures. The overall tank is installed horizontally, giving the user a high volume usage rate.
      Tank volume: 5m³,8m³
      Conveying productivity : >1.2T/min
    1. Sand and Gravel SeparatorThis sand and gravel separator can be used for the cleaning of concrete mixing and conveying machinery, as well as the separation and recovery of sand and gravel in waste concrete.
      Dirt content in separated gravel and sand: < 1%
      Water content in separated gravel and sand: Sand < 4%, Gravel < 1%
  • Spare PartsOur durable casting and hard wear alloy parts come in a variety of composites from our foundry shop. They can be used for pedestals, side walls, paddles, scrapers, and wear-sleeves in all twin shaft concrete mixers, pan mixers and planetary mixers.