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Auxiliary Machinery

    1. Screw ConveyorAs a medium-duty conveyor, the ES series screw conveyor is made from normal carbon steel, though other materials are available. The surface is covered in a fine finish and coated with a powder material.
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    1. Aggregate Batching MachineOur PL series aggregate batching machine can work with a mixer to form a concrete mixing plant. It is suitable for use in medium to large sized hydropower plants, construction sites, and concrete prefabrication plants.
      Productivity : 80m³/h, 120m³/h, 160m³/h
      Batching precision : ±2%
    1. Cement Bag BreakerThe bag breaker comes with a mechanical bag feeding mechanism and a gravity bag breaking device.
      Belt driving motor speed: 16rpm
      Productivity: 20T/h
    1. Pneumatic Cement ConveyorThe pneumatic conveyor is a combination of two tapered structures. The overall tank is installed horizontally, giving the user a high volume usage rate.
      Tank volume: 5m³,8m³
      Conveying productivity : >1.2T/min
    1. Sand and Gravel SeparatorThis sand and gravel separator can be used for the cleaning of concrete mixing and conveying machinery, as well as the separation and recovery of sand and gravel in waste concrete.
      Dirt content in separated gravel and sand: < 1%
      Water content in separated gravel and sand: Sand < 4%, Gravel < 1%

In addition to our construction equipment, NCM Group can also provide various related auxiliary machinery. Here you can see our screw conveyor, aggregate batching machine, cement bag breaker, pneumatic cement conveyor, and a sand/gravel separator. Due to the excellent design and materials, these products are all highly reliable and have a long service life.