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Sand and gravel separator

1. The material feeding is conducted by a screw conveyor, and the separation performance of the barrel is excellent.
2. A three stage precipitation system is used, and the water can be recycled.
3. We designed a central control system in order to facilitate the machine operation.

This aggregate processing equipment can be used for the cleaning of concrete mixing and conveying machinery, as well as the separation and recovery of sand and gravel in waste concrete.


Separating capacity (T/h) 10~20
Barrel size (mm) φ1000×2000
Gravel size (mm) ≧ 6
Sand size (mm) 1 ~ 6
Dirt content in separated gravel and sand <1%
Water content in separated gravel and sand Sand <4%
Gravel <1%
Power (kW) Gravel separating machine: 4
Sand separating machine:4
Power of motor in material feeding groove (kW) 4
Power of sewage pump (kW) 4
Power of clean water pump (kW) ≦ 2.2
Total weight of double parking separator (T) 6
Dimensions of double parking separator (mm) 12645 × 2135 × 6330

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