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Pneumatic cement conveyor

1. The pneumatic conveyor is a combination of two tapered structures. The overall tank is installed horizontally, giving the user a high volume usage rate.
2. Our pneumatic conveying system is highly efficient and easy to operate.
3. Due to its compact structure, this machine can adapt to various ground conditions. Transportation and installation are also easy.

This construction machine can be used for conveying cement, grain, coal ash, and other material that do not need to be cohesive or small granular materials.

Technical parameters

Model WG5 WG8
Tank volume (m³) 5 8
Conveying productivity (T/min) >1.2 >1.2
Residue material <0.4% <0.4%
Working pressure (MPa) 0.19 0.19
Power (kW) 18.5 18.5
Overall weight (kg) 1600 1800
External dimension (L×W×H, mm) 2600×2000×2530 3200×2300×2650

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