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Screw Conveyor

Product description

As a medium-duty conveyor, the ES series screw conveyor is made from normal carbon steel, though other materials are available. The surface is covered in a fine finish and coated with a powder material. The conveyor is composed of the following sections: a pipe-shaped groove with at least one inlet and one outlet, a lining at both ends of the central pipe, two end bearing assembly parts with auto-adjustable shaft seal units (one of which connects with the driving motor), and hanging bearings whose number is dependent on the conveyor length.

Applications and features

As reliable material conveying equipment, our ES series screw conveyors are suitable for the feeding and conveyance of cement, and the dust filling material in our concrete plants, the dust filling material for cold working in asphalt plants, and cement and other materials needed for building material plants.

The features of the screw conveyor belt include a compact structure, a simple operation process, good sealing performance and an excellent ability to adapt. Other features are as follows:
1. The powder sprayed surface has a great anti-corrosion performance and a long service life.
2. There are 7 pipe diameters available for you to choose from.
3. The external pip is comprised of end flanges and a material inlet and outlet, with a view window below the material inlet, and hanging bearings.
4. Standard flange sections are available for the pipes on our screw conveyors, and each of the sections can be measured.
5. All screw bearings are welded onto a central pipe.
6. The end bearing assembly includes an auto-adjustable shaft sealing device.
7. Spline shaft sleeves are available.
8. Each section of pipe has a hanging pole.
9. The electric motor in the screw conveyor is mounted by standard flanges.
10. The aluminum cast hanging bearings come with self-lubricating sliding shaft sleeves. This structure is easy to maintain.
11. High efficiency and productivity rates can be obtained by a small diameter pipe.
12. A compact structure also gives it a smaller overall size.
13. The equipment comprises a small number of components that are durable and easy to maintain, so only a few spare parts are needed.
14. The material inlet and outlets are interchangeable, making installation faster.
15. It effectively lowers high costs.
16. You can choose from a variety of inlet/outlet pipes, extra view windows, driving devices at the discharge end, and optional gear reduction ratios that correspond to different feed ratios.

Custom screw conveyors are available to meet your requirements
1. The material in the screw conveyor would be conveyed vertically, horizontally, or at a slant.
2. You can choose different kinds of stainless steel plates that are designed to be wear resistant and resist corrosion from a variety of materials including acid, alkali, salt, and high or low temperatures.
3. A piece of special protective film can be added to prevent static or corrosion.
4. We can provide anti-explosive screw conveyors that have been certified according to Zone 22 standards.
5. According to your needs, we can provide a professional design and consultation, on-site installation and commissioning services.

Product Parameters
Model Power (kW) Conveying distance (m) Output speed (r/min)
ES168 2.2 1-5 40-80
3 3-5 294
4 6-8 294
5 9-12 294
ES219 2.2-4 1-5 40-80
5.5 3-5 294
7.5 6-8 294
11 9-12 294
ES273 7.5 3-5 244
11 6-8 213
15 9-12 213
ES325 15 3-6 222
18.5 9-12 153
22 12-15 153
ES400 18.5 6-8 153
22 9-12 153
Structure Diameter

1. Outlet End Bearing
2. Material Outlet
3. Flange

4. View Window
5. Gear Reducer
6. Motor

7. Hanging Bearing
8. Material Inlet
9. Gardan joint

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