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Asphalt Mixing Plant

    1. Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant In order to reduce environmental pollution from our continuous asphalt batching plant, we use a two-stage dust removal system and a negative pressure dust-proof technology, which lowers the cost of using this equipment.
      Production capacity:30-40 t/h, 60-80 t/h
    1. Batch Asphalt Mixing PlantThe modular structure of the mixing section is completely concealed, making the appearance appealing.
      Production capacity:60 ~ 80 ton/h, 90 ~ 120 ton/h, 120 ~ 160 ton/h, 150 ~ 200 ton/h, 320 ton/h
      Mixing capacity: 1000kg/batch, 1500kg/batch,2000kg/batch,2500kg/batch
    1. Mobile Continuous Asphalt Mixing PlantOur mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant comes with an integrated mixing roller and drying roller, which lowers your investment.
      Production Capacity: 30-40ton/h
    1. Mobile Batch Asphalt Mixing PlantThe raw material transfer for the mobile batch asphalt mixing plant is achieved by a tilting belt with an inertia feeding method, which makes the entire conveying process steady and reliable.
      Production capacity:8ton/h, 15ton/h, 15-20ton/h, 15-20ton/h, 40ont/h
      Mixing capability: 400kg/batch, 500kg/batch, 400kg/batch, 1500kg/batch, 1800kg/batch

The asphalt mixing plants are designed with the introduction of advanced technologies for the construction of expressways. Due to their high accuracy rates and reliability, our asphalt plants serve as excellent equipment for the construction and maintenance of high standard roads.

Features of the asphalt mixing plant
1. The key components, such as combustors and sensors are from first-rate international companies.
2.Siemens PLC and the control computer are adopted for the control system, which regulates the weighing, mixing, and material feeding processes automatically, though you can also choose to control the asphalt batching plant manually.
3. The scale board and blades of the asphalt mixing plant are all made from an anti-wear casting iron alloy. The mixing arms are made of casting alloy steel, leading each of these parts to have a long service life.
4. We weigh each of the aggregates by measuring the total weight, while the powder materials and asphalt are measured separately. This allows the dispatching process to be precise and reliable.
5. While the asphalt mixing plant is in operation, both the aggregate and powder are lifted by a bucket elevator that comes equipped with an automatic stressing device.
6. The advanced burning system of the asphalt mixer comes with a light oil, heavy oil, coal combustor and a wide range of energy saving technologies. When compared with regular asphalt plants, our equipment has a 15% high energy efficiency.
7. The dust removal system of our asphalt mixing plant comes in a variety of types, including gravitational, cyclone, water, and bag. All of these meet very high environmental protection standards.
8. The finished product bin can be mounted on the side or the bottom, and has a carrying capacity of 30, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160, or even 240 tons.