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Mobile Continuous Asphalt Mixing Plant

Product description

Our mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant comes with an integrated mixing roller and drying roller, which lowers your investment. Its mobile chassis makes both installation and transportation easy. We have designed an eco-friendly duct collection system and a highly efficient drying roller. Various models of themobile asphalt plant with varied configurations are available for different demands.


1. The roller can dry material when it rotates clockwise, and counter-clockwise will discharge the material. The air flow inlet is in the middle of the roller. The equipment operation is easy due to the simple structure of the mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant.
2. The control room has a PLC controller and touch screen. You can choose from automatic or manual control modes depending on your wants and needs in order to operate this asphalt road construction equipment.
3. A trailer chassis is used for the asphalt drum mixer, which makes transportation and installation easy.
4. We can provide two types of burners: oil based or coal based, depending on your preferences.
5. Our mobile continuous asphalt batching plant is reliable and stable, with maintenance being simple and easy.

Main Parameters
Product GLB40 mobile continuous asphalt mixing plant
Features The equipment comes with modular design and continuous production process, and is movable and easy to assemble and disassemble.
Production Capacity 30-40ton/h
Power 42kW

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