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Continuous asphalt mixing equipment

  • GLB60 Type Continuous asphalt mixing equipment
  • GLB30 Type Continuous asphalt mixing equipment
Product Description

As a widely used piece on construction equipment, the continuous asphalt mixing plant is based on advanced international design practices. Its operating process is simple. All materials are fed into the equipment continuously, with no need for the mixing to stop as material is fed into the system. The latest weighing technology is adopted for high accuracy, and it can match the levels of the batch asphalt plant.


1. The optimized feed belts on the continuous asphalt mixing plant makes it more stable and reliable for the hopper when it feeds materials.
2. The improved drying roller results in a more efficient and stable drying process.
3. Plate link chain structures are used in the aggregate elevator of the asphalt plant in order to increase the stability and service life.
4. We choose to use imported vibration motors for the linear vibrating screen in the continuous asphalt mixing plant, which increases the efficiency of the screening and equipment reliability is improved.
5. A high-volume hot material bin makes equipment operation more flexible.
6. The unique bald design and highly efficient driving mechanisms make the mixing process more effective and reliable.
7. In order to reduce environmental pollution from our continuous asphalt batching plant, we use a two-stage dust removal system and a negative pressure dust-proof technology, which lowers the cost of using this equipment.
8. The control system can operate in two modes: both manual and automatic. A fault self-diagnoses and feedback system is designed to make the operation safer and easier.
9. Our continuous asphalt mixing equipment has a modular design, which makes the moving and installation processes easier.
10. An additional port is available for the connection of heat recovery equipment in the event that it is needed.

Main parameters
Type GLB30 GLB60
Advantage Modular structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, movable, continuous production Movable, easy to assembly and disassemble, continuous production, program control system
Production capacity 30-40 t/h 60-80 t/h
Power 32kW
Working voltage 380V/220V (50Hz)
Control system Electronic device
Installed capacity ~90kW
Product Details

Optimal design of the batching system
1. The modular structure makes this asphalt mixing plant easy to dismount and move.
2. As a professional construction equipment supplier, we can provide a batching hopper with three different volumes at 5 cubic meters, 8 cubic meters or 15 cubic meters. Each material silo has a grid plate on top, which prevents oversized aggregate from entering.
3. The belt feeding device of the asphalt mixing plant is powered by a gear reducing motor directly through a shaft. This type of structure is simple, compact and reliable. An alarm is mounted at the outlet that will sound if material is not available.
4. The conveyor belt comes in one piece, and has no connections that need to be put together. Due to this, the operation is stable and involves minimal noise. It also has a long service life.
5. A shock-absorbing screen is mounted at the start of the material conveying machine, which allows the removal of large rocks before they enter the drying roller. This reduces that amount of waste and productions costs.
6. Each conveyor for material collection and conveyance is driven by an electric motor. The simple structure has a naturally low maintenance frequency.

Leading Drying System of Asphalt Mixing Plants

Internal structure of roller
1. Compared with a regular burner, the burner in our asphalt mixing plant can spread the asphalt evenly. Heat is efficiently used in this, due to a good sealing performance, external thermal insulation materials and a stainless steel layer.
2. A high-performance gear motor is used for our drying roller to connect the supporting wheels. These wheels are made of a heat-resistant nylon through the use of a cardan coupling. Elastic swelling gaskets are used to reduce the abrasion of the drying roller, which reduces the roller's noise levels and increases the service life.

Import burners of internationally known brands
1. Compared to a regular burner, the burner in our system features advanced technologies, reasonable structure, a high automation degree, a high safety degree, is cost effective, has limited abrasion, emits little to no noise, and has very low pollution levels.
2. We use only the latest in patented flame control technology that is suitable for many types of oil and residual oil. A CNC controller is available for the control and shift between light and heavy oil, and air.
3. The advanced oil supply system our asphalt mixing plants use can perfectly vaporize heavy and residual oil. Due to this, the combustion is completed, saving you anywhere from 7 to 15% in consumption. The burner's turndown ratio can reach 10:1.
4. An LCD display is available for showing the system parameter monitoring and modification statuses, as well as the fault alarm information. All functioning components are controlled by the PLC device, making operation simple and convenient.

Safe, efficient, and reliable hot material elevating, screening, storing and weighing system of the asphalt mixing system

Hot aggregate elevating machine
1. The hot aggregate machine is a chain elevator. Its sheathed roller chain is made of an alloy structural steel. It can operate both steadily and flexibly, which leads to low noise emissions, limited friction, low fault rate, and a long service life.
2. An automatic take-up device and anti-inverting electromagnetic braking reducer are available in the elevator, ensuring a safe, reliable, and highly-efficient elevating process.

Efficient Vibrating screen
1. To fix the screen in place, we use a rapid hooking device that makes replacing the screen quick and easy. The entire screening device of the asphalt mixing plant is fixed by a bolt that prevents the loosening of the screen, ensuring the structure is sound.
2. A motor-powered reverse braking system is also mounted on the vibrating screen of our asphalt mixer. Because of this, the irregular movements and bouncing movements can be eliminated when the screen is about to stop.
3. The entire screen is concealed in a dust-proof cover. The material inlet and dust collecting inlet are designed around this, meeting your strict environmental protection standards.

Hot aggregate silo and continuous material level indicator
1. A large volume of material in this silo can effectively guarantee that material is constantly supplied.
2. The outside of the material silo is wrapped in a thermal insulating layer, which reduces energy loss and fuel costs.
3. Each silo is equipped with a continuous material level indicator, which shows the level changes of the material supply.
4. The gravel silo also has an additional thermal resistance temperature meter to measure the temperature of the material.
5. Each silo has an accurate aggregate measurement. Special structural designs are adopted to prevent the material inlet from being blocked.
6. An overflow pipe and waste collection bin are set up at the end of the tube, and mounted collection silos come with pneumatic discharging devices. This makes material collection and transfer easy and convenient.

Various weighing hoppers of the asphalt mixing plant

Gravel weighing hopper
The unique off-center structure of the material inlet gate makes the opening flexible and steady. This avoids any blockage. The pressure releasing channel also makes the weighing more accurate.

Mineral powder weighing hopper
1. Our mineral powder weighing hopper comes with arch breaking devices, making material flow more effective.
2. The spiral conveyor that spreads the mineral powder allows the powder to enter the mixer rapidly and evenly, which leads to a consistent product quality.
3. We have developed a weighing spiral conveyor with frequency conversion speed controllers to further improve the powder weighing accuracy.

Asphalt weighing hopper
1. The heat transfer oil is used for heating the material. A thermal insulating layer and stainless steel shell are adopted, which results in an excellent heat conservation performance and an appealing look.
2. We have started to use a unique tapered design that leads to less asphalt residue. The addition of electromagnetic braking asphalt pumps and one-way valves in our asphalt mixing plant make the measuring process much more precise.
3. The asphalt pump can spray asphalt evenly on the aggregate surface mixing tank. This allows us to enhance our product's quality and reduce the amount of mixing time.
4. Electronic control over the detection device is provided, preventing overflow. An over ranging detection device with an electronic controller is available to increase the accuracy of the weighing.
5. Asphalt reduction and a floating meter base ensure measurement accuracy and strict control of the aggregate ratio. The floating measurement of asphalt strictly controls the asphalt to aggregate ration while ensuring measurement accuracy.

Weighing module of asphalt mixing plant
1. Each weighing module on the weighing hoppers are from internationally known companies. Each module is fully concealed and comes with a high precision and high sensitivity resistance strain sensors. It is highly reliable and accurate, even in a harsh environment.
2. The weighing module comes as a single structure, which can eliminate the impact from the horizontal force, so the measuring process is greatly improved.

Efficient and reliable mixing system
1. The mixer machine has a square frame structure, heavy-duty design, and is safe, reliable and stable and has a beautiful appearance.
2. The scale board and blades are made of an anti-wear resistant alloy, which gives the mixer a long service life.
3. At any given time, the silo will not be filled above 60%, allowing the aggregate and asphalt to be completely mixed in a short amount of time.
4. The material inlet gate is controlled by two air cylinders, and is a flip-door. The whole structure features short material loading times, a good sealing performance, a flexible opening and closing, as well as a limited blocking phenomenon.
5. A powerful 380V motor is used for the automatic lubricating system, so that the lubricant can be quickly and evenly pumped to the target positions. A computer program is available to have this process completed at a set time, though it can be done manually at any given time.

Automatic and modular oil heating and asphalt supplying system
1. This equipment comes equipped with a fully automatic horizontal conduction oil heating system whose modular structure makes the conveying and installation processes easy.
2. An imported burner with automatic ignition functions is used. It can automatically monitor the working status, and adjust the fire according to the temperature of the conduction oil.

Powerful and efficient dust collecting system

Gravitational Dust collector
The dust collecting efficiency can reach up to 80% and the target dust size is just above 75μm. The dust that is collected in this stage is all small aggregate powder, which will then be transferred to the hot aggregate elevator by a screw conveyor.

Bag dust collector
Each sub-compartment comes with a high-voltage, pulse-jet bag dust collector. The bag is made of Nomex fabric, whose air permeability is great and has a long service life at rated high temperatures. The target dust is smaller than 75μm, which passed the first stage. This bag dust collector can collect up to 99.5% of dust from the air, which is much higher than Chinese National Standards. The controller of the bag is interlocked with the mail controller of the mixing plant. A temperature protective system is also available.

Reliable and eco-friendly powder supply and collecting system
1. The collected powder can be recycled by the three blade roots blower, screw conveyer or bucket elevator, or it is directly abandoned by the screw conveyor. At the dust outlet, a dust control spray system is designed to avoid flying dust.
2. The inner space of the main structure of the asphalt plant is concealed in a negative pressure status, in order to avoid powder leakage, and the environmental protection performance is greatly improved.
3. A material level indicator is mounted on the powder tank of our mixing plant, while a bag dust collector is available on top of the tank. There is an air hammer at the tapered end of the two tanks, in case a material arch forms.
4. A super-pressure protection system is mounted on top of the raw powder tank and recycling tank, which prevents the powder from coming out of the tanks at the top.
5. Both the raw powder and recycled powder can be conveyed to the weighing hopper by screw conveyors.

Safe and reliable pneumatic control system
1. First-rate air compressors are adopted for the pneumatic control system in order to make the operating system safe and reliable.
2. We have chosen an imported electromagnetic valve. The air valve system was integrated into the whole plant structure, keeping dust and rain outside the system.

Electrical control system and central control system
1. The computer based control system comes with an LCD screen, keyboard, Siemens s7300 PLC, PROFINET bus-mastering technology, distributed I/O, industrial Ethernet, and a double screen control technique.
2. Our control system features a reliable working performance, convenient operations, user friendly display interfaces, high automatization degree, comfortable control room and a good working environment.

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