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Truck-mounted Concrete Pumps

1. This is equipped with a Japanese Isuzu chassis and engine, and has a large cab for the operator.
2. The key components of this concrete pump truck include a transfer arm and outrigger, hydraulic system, electronic control system and pumping system. Each of these parts is from Germany.
3. The overall performance of the truck-mounted concrete pump is highly reliable, and the equipment maintenance is simple.
4. You can use this concrete pumping system for various industries such as water conservancy, hydrop ower projects, energy and transportation projects, building construction projects and more.

1. The maximum pumping output reaches up to 170 cubic meters per hour. A large conveyor cylinder bore has been designed, and the reversing cycles are greatly reduced. This all combines to enhance the service life.
2. As a professional construction equipment supplier, we design highly efficient hydraulic systems, which can increase the pumping and reversing efficiency by as much as 10%.
3. The concrete suction efficiency of the truck-mounted pump can be as high as 95%.
4. Our special dual-pump confluence technology is applied to this concrete pump solution. The deployment of booms and outriggers is incredibly simple.

Trustworthy quality
1. All the key components are made of Swedish SSAB high-strength steel plates to obtain a longer fatigue life.
2. Many key components of the truck-mounted concrete pump, including the pump, valve, controller, and transfer case are all imported from reliable international suppliers.

Energy- saving operation
The average fuel consumption for the pumping operation is reduced by 20%.

Flexible Structure
The RZ-type boom is for medium and large length applications, while the M-type boom is for small length applications. The reasonable structure is able to ensure a flexible and convenient operation of the equipment.
The boom can rotate up to 360°, ensuring the surrounding area can be fully covered.

Simple operation
This truck-mounted concrete pump comes with a patented technology for switching between HP and LP modes. The switch is accomplished simply with the push of a button, effectively preventing the clogging of pipelines.
The remote start/stop applications of the engine is supported, also with the press of a button. This greatly reduces stand-by fuel emissions.

Stable working performance
Our truck-mounted concrete pump comes with a boom shock-absorption technology, which reduces the vibration amplitude by 70%.

Technical Parameters

Model unit HJC5270THB-37 HJC5320THB-45 HJC5391THB-51
overall specifications L×W×H mm 12000×2500×4000 12000×2500×4000 13807x2500x4000
Gross weight Kg 27000 32300 39000
Boom Folding style
4 "R" 5 "RZ" 5 "RZ"
90/180/180/240 90/180/180/250/180 90/180/240/180
Vertical reach m 36.6 45 50.8
Horizontal reach m 32.6 41 46.8
Reach depth m 23.7 28 36
Unfolding height m 6.5 9.6 10.3
365° 365° 365°
End hose length m 4 3 3
Hydraulic system pressure MPa 32 35 35
Outrigger Folding style
Rear swing "X" Rear swing
Spread L-R front m 7.1 9.23 10.7
Spread L-R rear m 7.8 9.99 11.2
pumping specification Theoretic concrete displacement High pressure m3/h 81
Low pressure m3/h 138 120 120
Theoretical pumping pressure High pressure MPa 9.4
Low pressure MPa 5.5 7 7
Delivery cylinder bore mm 230 230 230
Delivery cylinder stroke mm 2000 2000 2000
Hopper capacity L 600 600 600
Slump scope cm 14 ~23 14~23 14~23
Max. aggregate diameter mm 40 40 40
System pressure MPa 32 32 32
Power system Transfer case
Germany Stiebel Germany Stiebel Germany Stiebel
Master pump
Germany Rexroth Germany Rexroth Germany Rexroth
Boom/outrigger pump
Germany Rexroth Germany Rexroth Germany Rexroth
Water pump Drive mode
Hydraulic drive Hydraulic drive Hydraulic drive
Displacement L/min 20 20 20
Others Remote controller
Germany HBC Germany HBC Germany HBC
Water tank capacity L 300 300 300
Oil tank capacity L 700 740 700
Hydraulic oil cooling method
Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled
Lubrication method
Automatic hydraulic lubrication Automatic hydraulic lubrication Automatic hydraulic lubrication
Chassis Model
Wheelbase 1-2shaft mm 4595 4595 1850
2-3shaft mm 1310 1310 4605
3-4shaft mm / / 1310
Tread 1 shaft mm 2065 2065 2065
2-3 shaft mm 1850 1850 1850
Min. turning radius m 8.8 8.8 11.9
295/80R22.5 295/80R22.5 295/80R22.5
Engine Model
265kw/1800rpm 265kw/1800rpm 287kw/1800rpm
Displacement ml 14256 14256 14256
Emission standard
Euro Ⅲ Euro Ⅲ Euro Ⅲ
Transmission Model
Operating mode
Manual Manual Manual
Forward gear
6 6 7
Pumping gear
5 5 6

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