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Planetary Concrete Mixer

The planetary concrete mixer is suitable for rapid mixing of all kinds of high quality concrete products, such as hard concrete, semi-hard concrete, and plastic concrete. In the production of glassware, chinaware, and fireproofing products, you can also use this planetary mixer to blend the raw materials.

You are welcome to contact us for professional services, from product recommendations to the customization of maintenance. Currently, we have four models of planetary concrete mixers available: JN750, JN1000, JN1500, and JN2000.

1. The mixing blade is comprised of several groups of mixing arms, which can cover the entire mixing region, and provide a strong and even mixture.
2. The transmission system (including the motor) is at the top of the mixing tank, and is completely separated from the concrete. This facilitates easy disassembly and maintenance.
3. Using the planetary transmission, both the revolution and rotation complex sport a strong, highly efficient, low energy loss, and uniform mixture.
4. The material has no direct contact with transmission, therefore there is no wear or plasma leakage problems in this mixing machine.

Parameters of Planetary Concrete Mixer

Model JN750 JN1000 JN1500 JN2000
Discharge capacity(L) 750 1000 1500 2000
Feeding capacity(L) 1200 1600 2400 3200
Mixing power(kW) 30 45 55 75
Cycle times/hour 50 50 50 48
Aggregate (mm) Gravel 60 60 60 60
Pebble 80 80 80 80
Overall dimension (mm) L 2480 2875 3140 3665
W 2200 2725 3014 3210
H 2145 2395 2540 2600
Total weight(kg) 3416 6613 7162 9450

Note: All specifications of the planetary concrete mixer is subject to modification.

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