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Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer

As a reliable concrete production machine, our twin-shaft concrete mixer comes in a wide range of models, including JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000, JS4000, JS4500, JS5000, and the JS6000. Each model has a multi-layer shaft-end sealing structure and streamlined mixing device, which ensures a reliable and efficient performance.

The twin shaft concrete mixing console uses a multi-shaft seal structure and a streamlined string device to ensure the mixing console is reliable and efficient.

1. The mixing tank has a cylinder cross section shaped like an inverted Ω. We adopted the overall annealing process to prevent stress and deformation after the cylinder is welded. The scale-board and blade are made of a wear-resistant alloy cast iron, which features a reasonable structure and long service life.
2. The mixing arms are set at a variety of angles, including 45°, 60°, and 90° in order to achieve a full mixture of the materials.
3. The automatic lubrication system of our twin-shaft concrete mixer comes with a shaft-sealing structure that can reduce lubricant consumption as well as its impact on the concrete quality. Different oiling forms are available, and these include continuous oiling, intermittent oiling and manual oiling
4. Two transmission structures are available: a cycloid type and a shaft-mounted type.
5. The inner layer of the shaft sealing is a labyrinth seal made of a special wear-resistant material, while the middle layer has a number of special rubber rings and pressurized oil protection. The outer layer has a floating seal with a rubber ring to prevent plasma leakage. A 100 mm isolation zone between the bearing seal and shaft sealing area is designed to completely isolate the leakage of concrete slurry through the bearing, thus the service life of critical parts in the twin-shaft concrete mixer can be increased.
6. For the JS500/750 model of concrete mixing equipment, we adopted a twin-shaft structure due to its easy operation and quick set-up. The electrical components are installed by clip orbit which features a convenient operation and maintenance. There are three types of discharge heights for you to choose from at 1.6m, 2.2m, and 3.8m. The mixing concrete can then be loaded and conveyed to mobile dump trucks or concrete mixer trucks. These two models are of low cost and have a compact structure. All modules are suitable for containerized transport.

Applications of the twin-shaft concrete mixer
As professional construction equipment, our twin-shaft concrete mixer can be used for concrete production, coal slime mixing and dangerous waste curing, among other uses.

Parameters of Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer

Nominal capacity (L) Feeding capacity (L) Max. aggregate diameter(mm) Overall dimension (mm) Weight (kg) Power (kW)
Grave Pebble L W H
JS500 500 800 60 80 4448 3003 4606 4100
JS750 750 1200 60 80 4950 3636 6266 6450
JS1000 1000 1600 60 80 3430 2090 1420 5200 2×18.5
JS1500 1500 2400 60 80 3100 2090 1470 5300 2×30
JS2000 2000 3200 60 80 3450 2470 1700 8600 2×37
JS3000 3000 4600 60 80 3600 2470 1700 10150 2×55
JS4000 4000 6400 60 80 4200 2850 1940 13500 2×75
JS4500 4500 7200 60 80 4730 3870 2190 16700 2×75
JS5000 5000 8000 60 80 4730 3870 2190 16700 2×90
JS6000 6000 9600 60 80 6260 3870 2190 20600 4×55

Note: All specifications of the twin-shaft concrete mixer are subject to modification.

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